Percy is a shadow child who travels and lives with Matthias and Alia. As an infant he was abandoned by his parents in an ally and was later found by Samuel, who had also adopted Matthias and Alia. He grew up in an ally and became very clever as he grew older. While we don't know his exact age, he estimates that he is 9-10 years old.

Among the BetrayedEdit

In Among the Betrayed, Percy and his friends have been imprisoned for making fake IDs. Samuel is dead, and they have been fending for themselves ever since his death. In prison, he meets Nina Idi, who becomes his new cellmate. Double agent George Talbot has Percy, Matthias, and Alia test Nina's innocence. While not trusting her, Percy does help her escape with the others and displays his knack for solving problems. Later, Talbot sends him and his friends to a boarding school for safety.


Pecry is often referred to as the "brains" of the trio of him, Matthias, and Alia. He is clever, resourceful, and detirmindd. When separated from Percy in Among the Enemy, Matthian frequently notes that Percy would know the perfect solution to many of the problems he finds himself in.

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